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Science Policy and Education Committee
  • To monitor national and provincial science policies, to advise the Society when the science of entomology and our Members are affected, and
        to undertake tasks assigned by the Board that are designed to interpret, influence, or change government science policy.
  • To stimulate interest in entomology, awareness of the value of entomology, and the role of entomologists in society, among the public, and
        among young people and amateurs in particular.
  • To improve the Society's public relations and to disseminate information.

  • Public Encouragement Grants
    The ESC may provide financial support to its affiliated societies for public education projects through Public Encouragement Grants. Rules for these grants are detailed in the Committee Guidelines.

    The ESC was asked to write a letter in support of saving the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA). The committee agreed to support this cause and a letter signed by Rebecca Hallett on behalf of the ESC was sent to PM Harper and Ministers Ashfield and Kent on 15 June 2012, cc'd to Save ELA, and MPs May, Mulcair and Rae. The letter is available here. Responses were received from Fisheries & Oceans Canada and Elizabeth May. The ESC was also added as a signator to an ad in support of saving the ELA printed in the Globe & Mail, Saturday 16 June 2012.

    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) recently implemented a very restrictive policy on the importation of living arthropods (or their pathogens) into Canada. A policy statement on the Biodiversity Access Benefit Sharing was drafted by the Science Policy and Education Committee, and accepted at the October 20, 2009, AGM of the ESC.  An ESC Bulletin article (September 2011, pages 104-119) was written in response. Additional changes have since been implemented, in part in response to the reaction by entomology researchers in Canada (see current regulations here).

    The ESC supports the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign as a partner/supporter of the cause of pollinator protection in Canada.

    In 2007 the ESC signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in support of the ICZN ( International Committee of Zoological Nomenclature)

    The ESC is a member of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (website), a nonprofit scientific association dedicated to advancing biological research and education for the welfare of society.

    The ESC has affirmed that the theory of evolution is the foundation and unifying principle of biological sciences (resolution).

    Science Policy and Public Education Committee Members (2012-2013)
    B.S. Lindgren, Chair, Prince George (email)
    R. Hallett, Guelph
    W. Riel, ESBC, Victoria
    K. Floate, ESA, Lethbridge
    M. Erlandson, ESS, Saskatoon
    K. Rochon, ESM, Winnipeg
    P. Bouchard, ESO, Ottawa
    G. Labrie, SEQ, St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil
    C. Parsons, AES, St. John’s
    G. Zilahi-Balogh, Kelowna (2010-2013)
    D. Huber, Prince George (2011-2014)
    A. Bennett, Ottawa (2012-2015)
    R. DeClerck-Floate, ex officio, Lethbridge